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Jewelia – “Second Best" ~ Far from mediocre, its a track that fits higher than the second in a list!

It always feels great and nostalgic to write about returning artists on our music blog and this week we have the brilliant Jewelia, her latest release which made it to the top of the "New Music Friday : Romania" editorial playlist on Spotify!

Jewelia’s "Second Best" is a feel-good pop song that’s a rollercoaster of emotions. Initially, I noticed hints and influences similar to Natasha Bedingfield and Imogen Heap which I found really refreshing. The use of vocal harmonies really lends to the laid-back yet carefree feeling that the track was going for.

Melody-wise, the song shares some similar chord patterns and sounds to Journey’s 'Don’t Stop Believin', which in itself, is a familiar tune that lends to the same ambiance that the song is going for. The pauses in between help bring a smooth transition to the track without affecting the energy brought by the verses and the chorus.

Her discography is fairly varied, but, does keep the same feeling throughout. So, while the songs present themselves uniquely against each other, there’s a certain sense of familiarity and commonality as well which allows her music to stand out on its own identity.

I especially love the simplicity of the message of the song—a straight-to-the-heart humble acceptance of the intricacies of not being the best. The heartfelt and calm delivery of the lines really adds character to the song so that when the line “Second Best” hits, it’s a chilling feeling that gives goosebumps in a good way. The melodic delivery of that line also helps bring the track to a different section, helping the melody progress.

Jewelia uses an interesting approach to a simple chord pattern that helps distinguish itself by using the unique interpretation and melodies contained throughout the song.

Listen to "Second Best" on Spotify here:

You can check out Jewelia’s website here:

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