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Jewelia's “No Lover” ~ Is a swish and slide between quiet synthy pads and upbeat vocalizations!

Today we’re getting mesmerized by Jewelia, an eclectic gal from Romania. Coming back from the studio with a dance-y, poppy feel good pop single to make waves for her fandom, it wouldn’t fare well if we wouldn’t review “No Lover”.

This feeling of big morning strides, elevating truths, and personal triumphs emanates like wildfire from this piece. Our singer manages to comfortably fence-sit between pop and dance, although the chorus vocal melody yells funkiness all round. The song’s message doesn’t miss as well - it seems to be about our protagonist being tame with a “no lover” in the midst, and the idea that she’s got a million issues but a lover ain’t one. Hoooweveer, us being musical detectives, I think Jewelia left an Easter Egg in this song! The last line of the song reads “A” which begs the question if the artist doesn’t feel issues with that after all ;) Truth be told, the swish and slide between quiet synth-y pads and upbeat vocalizations can only fare well in this Autumn-y period. And it does!

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