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Jess Fitz - High production standards, with its own resemblance of Future Nostalgia basslines!

Today we’ve got a special treat for you that is sure to get you movin’ and groovin’. We’re pleased to introduce Jess Fitz alongside her latest single - ”You Said No”.

It reeks professionalism by having high production standards, with its own take on Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia basslines. Surely positing club banger status, Jess’ rich vocal timbre goes in and out of falsetto while cementing her singing capabilities. The lush synths bouncing off funky guitar strumming

In terms of lyrical storytelling, I love it when artists, at a certain point in their careers, make the decision to face fears and journal them through art. What I mean by that is, Jess Fitz in “You Said No” runs along with rejection but knows there’s always a chance for better outcomes.

Although she describes her musical journey as ‘trag love life’, I see this as a down-to-earth virtue which allows her fans to feel a sense of belonging. Embrace ‘You Said No’ right down below!

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