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Jen Ash – “No Lover Lover" ~ Is a time machine to the ‘00s that sets the right mood!

Jen Ash’s "No Lover Lover" feels like it was plucked out of the ‘00s and that’s not a bad thing. A lot of great songs come from that decade and this fits right in. That’s not to say that the music doesn’t work now (because it really does). A lot of fun and simple elements make No Lover Lover sound great in this modern day.

Jen Ash’s powerful voice really lends well to the great production of the music. Her voice works with the simple bass, drum, and guitar set-up that everything blends well. As if playing between pop and R&B, her voice gets the song up and moving. In a way, her voice is also reminiscent of some great acts from the aforementioned decade but makes it her own thing.

The guitar elements are reminiscent of a few Craig David, India, Arie, or even TLC songs, hence the era comparison. The simple riff really feels like it’s something you’d digest during a simple night of chilling with wine—background music to listen to in front of an ambient dinner.

No Lover Lover is a great addition to your chill night's playlist with its easy-to-remember melody and lovely vocal performance. Jen Ash nails it right on the head with this wonderful release.

You can listen to “No Lover Lover” on Spotify below:

You can check out Jen Ash's website here:

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