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JaneN'TheJungle -“BED OF ROSES” ~ Instantly impressive, dynamic vocals + power-packed instrumentals!

This right in your face, statement of intense intent, to show listeners what absorbing, creative, electrically charged music Jane N ' The Jungle is capable of producing, "BED OF ROSES" reminds me of the sometimes quirky, highly original sounds of the 80's American New Wave band Devo, with their melodic machine-age music.

Love the instantly impressive distinctive vocal and stylish flow of the dynamic power-packed, high-compression instrumental mix. This high octane, surging tidal wave of a track, stands firmly on quality pop music ground, not only because of the great music but also through its inclusion of many vocal melodies, that fill the resounding piece out with a rich triumphant vibe, signaling this band has arrived on the scene.

And when it comes to the battleground of bands, striving in a new world of musical chaos and uncertainty, Jane N' The Jungle resolutely hold their heads up high and send the message, they will take no prisoners!

Listen to "BED OF ROSES" on Spotify here -

You can check out Jane N' And The Jungle’s website here :

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