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James & Paul - “Feels Like” - The perfect amount of rhythm motifs, vocal chants and Western blends!

We’re glad to introduce our readers to James & Paul. They have just finished recording their fresh new album and we have the privilege to talk about it.

Well, having listened to most of the tracks on the new album, “Tabula Rasa”, we can say that this band consistently delivers! With their unique mash of folk, rock and synth-y atmospheres, you should always be able to decipher when James & Paul are blessing your ears. You can also find diversity of moods in the midst of this new project. From gentle and lyric-less “Tabula rasa” track to a more driving and engaging “Blinded”, you’re in for a grand adventure! One particular track that stood out on our end was “Feels Like”. It had the perfect amount of rhythm motifs, vocal chants and Western blends for it to be in consistent playlist rotation! It’s really a breath of fresh air to hear such a focus on arrangement.

We recommend this one for sure, look out for Tabula Rasa as it is about to be released by our folky pioneers, James & Paul below.

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