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“I Only Have the World” - Izira Burley ~ Sometimes the world is enough!

Controversial option time… Billie Eilish is a tad overrated. I said it. Her songs aren’t bad but I don’t get any real emotion behind her music, and there are other artists who have similar-sounding songs without nearly as much acclaim.

Well, if there is any justice in the world, indie artist Izira Burley would take the crown, especially with the hauntingly beautiful new release “I Only Have the World”. In a word…wow. This is more like it… it’s a slow-burning simmering track of suitably epic proportions, featuring silky smooth vocals of a rather haunting nature. Goosebumps aplenty here, needless to say.

What lifts this song above similar songs in the same vein is the quality of the vocals and a mix that definitely rises above the standards of the genre. There’s no muddy low-end or high-end distortion to be found here, thankfully. Vocally, Burley hits all the right spots and comes off as a smoky bar ingenue singing right in your living room… brilliant phrasing and perfectly mic’d.

In short, this is a must-listen from an artist I’m looking forward to hearing more of. A+ work, and highly recommended.

Listen to "I Only Have the World" on Spotify here -

You can check out Izira Burley’s website here:

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