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Hyattsvillain - Definitely thriving in a mosh pit somewhere!

Today we are blessing our readers with a punky attitude and important message from ‘Hyattsvillain’. Hyattsvillain has been cementing his place as a paragon of lesser discussed topics. For instance, The topic explored in his latest release, “Kids Don’t Buy Groceries”, is a unique one for sure. It makes the listener reflect on how kids are reliant on their superiors to have their best interests in mind. It’s true children trust adults to provide things for better health, sleep, and diet.

In terms of musicality, we are looking at a 100% punky song…it would definitely be thriving in a mosh pit somewhere. The bass and backbeat combo are the engine of the rhythm (as it should be), yearning ENERGETIC! head-bobbings from the crowd.

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