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HEREFORTHEROSES - A punkish attitude that we all have and can never seem to tame in life!

Another South African native in our array of underrated artists, “HEREFORTHEROSES'' represents a punkish attitude that we can never seem to let go no matter how tame the feeling becomes throughout life. “Criminal”, one of his top streamed tracks, is a call-to-action anthem for outcasts. Steady shredding with the nu punk era, HEREFORTHEROSES develops the track by strategically inserting 808s for the bass part alongside.

Maybe it’s personal taste, but I would suggest him to use a tiny bit more vocal harmonies to fill out that soundstage. It would be really cool to hear him double up on the chorus line shouting “EVEN IF THE SKY FALLS!”. Otherwise, I must say the acoustic drum production is exquisite here. It definitely shows the artist put a lot of thought in so these would bang through the speakers. Also, a nice element is the addition of trap elements to instantly modernize the vibe.

It seems like HEREFORTHEROSES has a lot up his sleeve. You’d be ahead of the curve by jumping in on his songs right now, and almost ‘Criminal’ if y’all didn’t peep this new track!

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