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Graffiti Welfare - An ever-present air of time passing threads, connecting the project into a whole!

Have you ever wanted to drift away to a world unknown? Well, Graffiti Welfare can do just that for you! His newest project titled “Revolving Shores” comes with an array of effervescent tracks to suture your mood.

In general, Revolving Shores is largely an ethereal, shoe-gazey album with a hint of hip-hop and psychedelia. It doesn’t really have a genre, therefore putting it in a more IDM bracket. An ever present air of time passing threads and connects the project into a single whole. Synthy, uplifting pads govern the mood and programmed drums drive the backbeat.

One song worth mentioning, “Volume”, is one of few that includes the artist’s vocals - the making of a statement. And that statement is exploring the neutrality of background noise in everyday life. The artist saying “it’s the same to me” could be seen as personal empowerment and resilience towards outside factors. Complemented with electronic rhythms and the atypical instance of funk guitar, it’s definitely an experimental yet homely musicscape.

The music video will be coming out in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! I am glad Graffiti Welfare reached out to us with this one. He used a lot of words to describe this project, but even without them, one can hear how close making this was to him. Good on him, transparency is the fuel of good music. Sneak a peek to his top tracks below!

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