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Glenn Valles's classy dance track with great melody and catchy hooks, to get everyone grooving!

Glenn Valles is an Internationally accomplished multi-genre songwriter, who it has been said, has the ability of making his listeners "See with their ears" and "Feel with their souls".

This EDM track flows like melted chocolate, with a sweet velvet taste to soothe the music soul. The mix is smooth, subtle and stylish. The composition is well crafted, and as here, EDM music is so well served by some great melody and catchy hooks, on top of the must have irresistible dance rhythms.

'Want You' is just such a classy, quality sounding dance track, with all the right elements in place , to get everyone grooving, feeling the positive energy and ready to welcome the onset of all those great summer music vibes just around the corner!

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