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Gianfranco GFN - “So Dance” - The backing vocalists have such an enormous presence!

Gianfranco classifies himself as a solo guitarist/composer act yet you can expect to hear a whole orchestration of body and soul. Today’s track in question is “So Dance” and it’s a soulful practice that is readily played across the radio worldwide.

Showing jazzy overtones, it’d be a sin not to mention the song’s funkiness. The breaks come in on the & of a beat more often than not which is peculiar yet expertly soothing. Cannot emphasize the word ‘soulful’ enough. So much so that even the chorus chant “So Dance” almost sounds like ‘soul dance’. Likewise, the backing vocalists have such an enormous presence - another unique gospel-y aspect that is hard to come by elsewhere.

In hindsight, it seemed like the whole band was just another group of jazz enthusiasts, but once you delve deeper and understand it on a more intimate level, (such as uncovering the chorus chant mentioned above), an air of mystery deploys across the whole act and its origins.

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