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Georgia Hoareau – “Oh Well" - Oh Well, is done so well!

Georgia Hoareau's "Oh Well" could very well be mistaken for an Olivia Rodrigo song. It's a fast-paced, lively romp that has attitude, and would be befitting as a soundtrack for any feel-good movie of this generation. In fact, it follows a vaguely similar drum pattern to the latter's good 4 u—which is not a bad idea at all considering the success it got. It gives out a vibe like a lot of songs used as part of montages for 2020s teen flicks or even romantic-comedy movies.

The 18-year-old from Gold Coast channels more pent-up emotions on this track—maybe even a feel closer to that of Paramore’s Misery Business than Ms. Rodrigo's. However, the vocal delivery is where it highly differs. The quality and tonality of Georgia’s voice put out a more mature feel—which is surprising considering how young she is compared to the acts mentioned. She has a fuller voice which tends to sound well (no pun intended) with the melody and the lyrics she is singing—coming off as very confident-sounding. This is especially noticeable while delivering lyrics like "I'm well, can you tell, you can't tell, oh well". That's a lot of attitude from such a pop-rock-ish single.

Speaking of genres, this is a huge departure from her older tracks. Could this be a sign of things to come? Her previous songs delved closer into the bedroom pop spectrum; however, this latest release shows that she can hold her own with rock-sounding tunes and it would be a welcome change. What a difference a year makes, and this could signal her move to a fiercer style moving forward.

Moving to micro details, the fuzz-sounding guitars of the track really add a layer of angst to the song. The transitions from loud to quiet parts were well executed—with enough momentum to make it sound natural. The simple basslines drive the point home. But coupled with the previously aforementioned drum pattern, fuzzy guitars, and her perfectly toned vocals and we get a song that would be perfect for a lot of playlists.

"Oh Well" was done so well, that it deserves to be added to your playlist.

Listen to "Oh Well" on Spotify here :

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