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Gedalya - Such is the arrangement in “The End Of Days”, that purposefully marinades artistic ideas!

Here we have New York City’s very own sensation - Gedalya. People proclaim him as “folk rock rabbi” and it just stuck with him. A single of his being reviewed today is called “The End of Days” and is a literal journey through time.

From the get-go, we are greeted by that familiar laid-back sizzly guitar which the 70’s were famous for. I know that the artist uses external production for the instrumental, yet his creative direction is indeed purposeful. Good ear on the songwriting aspect, arrangement doesn’t bore the listener but purposefully marinades the artist’s ideas. And the ideas are his lyrics explore stories reminiscing about decisions and how those decisions are ultimately moot in the grand scheme of things.

It seems like Gedalya really carved out a piece of his fanbase which grows and explores his creativity alongside him. There is always room to grow but the opportunities are endless. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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