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Garrow Hill's ‘Depths’ ~ is a complete and complex arrangement of emotions!

Once again at Underrated Fresh Art, we try to disseminate gems of sound for the community to discover. This time, it’s Garrow Hill, an English band who don’t pigeon-hole themselves into nomenclatures.

Garrow Hill’s ‘Depths’ is a classic thrash rock song driving sentimental expression.

The vocalist with a neutral accent has a ton of blurts to be inspired by. For example, the line ‘burned bridges will light our way’ makes for some splendid introspective interpretation. Yet the most intriguing aspect of this track is that there almost seems to be two vocalists belting over another. I find it hard to decipher if it’s both band members singing or just one, overdubbing himself. Perhaps this is what made me cycle this song a few times before reviewing.

All in all, with Garrow Hill you can be sure to be engaged throughout, and ‘Depths’ achieves that ever so smoothly. Take a listen below!

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