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Frowein Pedersen - ‘‘Neighbours" ~ A swooshing sea and a distant land of sound!

Neighbors ~ from the get go promises a laid back listening experience. The fence-sitting elements of this track strongly range between natural and electronic sounds. Liquid strumming patterns emanate in and out of the psyche like a river dune. Frowein projects an air of elegance and comfortable attentive listening with this piece.

For me, this is definitely a ‘playlist adder’ without any biases in mind. The innovative sphere of questioning when listening to this track: were synths or acoustic instruments involved? was filtering applied in multiple creative ways to make something unheard of? A lot of these questions pass me by and, without a doubt, cements "Neighbours" into a real ‘experimental sweet’ category.

I’d also say this track leans heavy into IDM, because you can vibe, swing or ponder (or all the same time) about what you are hearing and how the artist achieved this gracefully. Top notch!

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