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FiDA - Tastefully reenacts vocals with non-overbearing autotune!

FiDA, a DIY powerhouse musician is taking center stage here today at Underrated Fresh Artists. With modern production habits, he tastefully reenacts vocals with non-overbearing auto-tune. A good example of his most recent skillfulness is the new song “WHAT TO DO?”.

At first glance, it seems like a coincidence that the overall percussion is quite reminiscent of ‘Star Boy’ by Daft Punk and The Weekend. But of course, FIDA adds his own twist with thoroughly engaging toplines and thought-provoking lyrics. Even more so, some production techniques, such as heavily distorted vocals (ref. ‘808s & Heartbreaks’) grabs the listener’s attention and releases it once earworm status has been placed.

We are aware that this is FIDA’s most successful song so far in terms of streaming numbers and want to congratulate him on such an achievement. It seems like the artist is experiencing exponential growth - as it should be.

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