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Fang Su - ‘Temple of the Dead’ ~ Intriguing rhythms enwrapped in mystery!

Today we’re introducing Fang Su and his single called ‘Temple of the Dead’. We appreciate Fang Su as a new artist and music creator so we’re going to give him the best feedback we can to move forward. Let’s get into it!

In essence, Temple of the Dead is a moody, solemn instrumental with strong rhythmic ideas coloring the soundscape. You can hear the artist’s percussion prowess and how he uses natural and synthetic sounds to push this very original beat forward. Some simple arpeggios are sprinkled around sections that entice the listener’s melodic needs. On the other hand, definitely more individual trackings could have expanded this instrumental because right now it is quite bare. Although perhaps minimalistic design is what Fang Su was going for (which is totally okay), more ideas/motifs would have sprouted. Also, little transitions connecting the sections would have made it fluent or smooth out the song’s energy shifts.

We will definitely be looking out for more of his original ideas and cannot wait for him to flourish artistically. Feel the vibes below!

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