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Faerie – “k-town" ~ Is a late-night track that will make you want to dance rethinking your life!

For how simply relaxing "k-town" is, the lyrics seem to imply otherwise—with a lot of pent up emotions hiding underneath the lyrics. Faerie has a very dreamy and relaxing sound, yet something unique about how "k-town" is produced with Matty Bedrosian (also known as Yummm) will make you wonder if you should be dancing or you should be rethinking your life choices.

The song starts off with a simple melody with hints of country pop—a basic drum beat coupled with a memorable guitar riff that will surely get your feet moving. However, once the lyrics begin, it’s a trippy feeling of sadness, regret, angst, and a little remorse. That’s totally not a bad thing because it’s a formula that works with her type of vocals.

The bassline is a memorable romp that keeps the beat moving and groovy without taking too much attention. Partnered with the soft pads, it’s literally a mental trip that keeps you on your toes but also lets you sit comfortably listening. It’s the bridge that comes out of nowhere which really unsettles the mood in a good way. The short break uses a sharper synth sound which really helps separate the transition—as if to hammer out the point “Tell me what you are now” to highlight the big change in mood.

"k-town" is a masterfully produced track that brings out just enough mix of sadness and danceability that will have you bopping left and right.

Listen to "k-town" on Spotify here:

You can check out Faerie’s website here:

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