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Emma Kelly's - ‘Loving You' ~ Emits strong energies of drive and dedication!

Today it’s a first for us to introduce Emma Kelly. As an up-and-coming dance pop sensation, she emits strong energies of drive and dedication. Her single, Loving You, is embedded into her newest EP but is worth a blog entry all on its own.

Right off the bat, my first thought is how raw and genuine Emma’s lyrics are. No hiding behind superficiality here. Immediately we are made aware that the singer is having love difficulties. Coupled with a driving Caribbean rhythm, the entire bit is giving off “dancing alone in your room at night” vibes. Emma’s British accent and tactful vocal effects immerse the listener - gripping attention to know the full story until the end.

My only pet peeve is that the song ends very abruptly. This must’ve been a genuine error as it stops the very second the bridge starts playing. Other than that, Loving You is a summery, longing-for-that-proper-love anthem that comes complete with pro production and insight into the artist’s life. Linked below!

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