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Edie Yvonne – “No Rain” ~ Edie Yvonne explores new sonic territory and succeeds!

The last song I heard from Edie Yvonne was Girl Code,” an aspiring teen pop hit from an aspiring teen star. “No Rain” is a very different song a rendition, originally by the iconic LA rock band Blind Melon. Where “Girl Code” saw Yvonne shooting for mainstream appeal and slick production, “No Rain” is rough-and-ready and retro in its approach. It makes me wonder – is Yvonne experimenting with different sounds to try to show her versatility as an artist, or is she still in the process of finding her sound as a young musician?

The instrumentation in “No Rain” is pretty simple – bluesy acoustic guitar, some lead electric guitar, and a fairly sparse drum beat. There are a few instrumental-forward moments, particularly spotlighting the lead guitar, but overall the arrangement is more of a vibe than anything.

The vocals are what stand out to me on “No Rain” – Yvonne not only absolutely nails her (quite catchy) melody, but also performs some impressive modal harmonies. On “Girl Code” there were definite moments where I felt like Yvonne’s vocals were just a little bit under-rehearsed; there’s no such sense on “No Rain.” I don’t feel like I’m listening to someone who’s still finding her way – maybe the lyrics could have been a little more developed, but overall nothing bothers me about the song per se.

Strikingly, “No Rain” is almost five minutes long, a dramatic contrast to “Girl Code.” I didn’t even know people still made songs that long, much less members of Gen Z/Gen Alpha. Maybe there is hope for the slow burn after all. It’s also very much a 60s-esque rock song; not really a genre that’s been in vogue for a while, but maybe this is Yvonne attempting a revival, to which I say kudos.

So, who would want to listen to “No Rain”? Honestly, I’d slot it in on any easy-listening indie rock playlist without a second thought. The production is solid, the song is (as I said earlier) a vibe, and I can easily imagine myself drifting through a hip store somewhere in Brooklyn or LA with this on the speakers in the background.

I’m curious where Edie Yvonne is going next. Having heard two wildly different pieces of music from her now, I’m almost feeling personally invested in her journey. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Listen to "No Rain" on Spotify here -

You can check out Edie Yvonne’s website here:

A brilliant addition to the repertoire -

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