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Drop The Shadow - “Time" ~ A song heavily infused with romance novelties!

It’s time to review "Time" by Drop The Shadow and what the artist dedicated their time on. Well, to adjoin a couple, of seemingly unrelated, musical elements and make it his own is something not many can do. We’re talking about the enmeshment of 80’s vocal style/structure across modern-sounding percussion. It transpires throughout "Time", a sort of comfort for the nostalgics.

We must also mention the ingenuity when the instrumental crosses into the bridge. It essentially retains the same rhythmic motif, only supplemented by theatrical pads, convolving guitars, and staple lyrics.

If someone put guns to our heads and asked us “what Drop The Shadow sounds most like?”, we’d probably react and utter “Depeche Mode”. These two different yet hauntingly similar artistic visions align in our psyche here at UFA. Let’s hope <Time>> touches listeners the same way it did us. Find below!

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