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Dear Amber – “Appear to Disappear” ~ An unfamiliar stroll down a familiar soundstage!

"Appear to Disappear" could easily be mistaken for an Incubus track but it’s actually Denmark’s very own Dear Amber. On the surface, it’s a mixture of Audioslave’s Be Yourself, some Incubus, some Tokio Hotel, and some modern rock sounds. As the track continues to play, the uniqueness slowly comes out and makes the song own itself.

The intro starts very warmly with the wide palm-muted guitar tone partnered with some vocals that slowly begin to exhibit some angst and emotion. Once the drums start to enter, the music takes a small shift in a slightly different direction. Nonetheless, the same level of feeling can still be felt—with the guitars exhibiting a softer sound.

The lyrics are deep yet relatable—with some hints of pain and anguish inserted between some cool metaphors and bars. Dear Amber’s vocalist, Ronni, delivers the words well without overdramatizing the content. With just enough pain to showcase, the song shifts again during the midway mark—bringing a heavier tone during the bridge portion. The distorted guitars help bring everything to a level close to each other.

Appear to Disappear could be a throwback and a showcase of the dynamic sound Dear Amber can produce. While it sounds vaguely familiar, listeners will be surprised to hear that there’s nothing like the track at all.

Listen to "Appear to Disappear" on Spotify here:

You can check out Dear Amber’s website here:

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