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Darrian Gerard – “Explosion" ~ A literal explosion of pop-punk goodness that'll take you back!

If you miss the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, then "Explosion" by Darrian Gerard will fulfill your needs. It’s Avril Lavigne meets Blink 182 in this crazy mish-mash of pop-punk madness. The flow is highly similar to Blink 182’s Rock Show however, her tonality and vocal prowess remind me of early Avril.

Speaking of Avril, Darrian also hails from Canada—where she writes, records, plays, and produces her own music. Debuting in 2021, she’s released multiple singles. She’s also planning to release her highly anticipated EP in early 2023. This track might be a sign of things to come in terms of the direction of her music.

The track itself is a straightforward pop-rock track that I’d say also takes inspiration from acts such as The Go-Gos. It starts off with just a vocal track and a backing guitar that really helps prepare the listener for that explosive drop. Once it kicks off, the power exponentially increases and you won’t be able to stop yourself from jumping in tune with the track.

The fun thing about this track is how she was able to play with the pacing of the track. One minute it’s a fast punk track, and another, it’s a double-timed emo-punk-sounding banger. You can sense how diverse her influences are which she says include the previously mentioned artists as well as acts like Halsey and Taylor Swift.

Even towards the end, you get the “Na Na Na Nana Nana Na” which subtly reminds you of All The Small Things. The amount of influence in this track is remarkable that you can’t help but smile at how interesting elements were added to this one to make it a unique release on its own.

"Explosion" is truly an explosive celebration of pop, rock, and punk that needs to be added to your playlist.

Listen to Explosion on Spotify here:

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