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Cindy-Louise - People should watch out because this name will definitely appear again in the future!

Today we are traveling to South Africa, where the artist “Cindy-Louise'' has been cooking up a storm for her fans. She gave permission to review one of her recent trending tracks, “Femme Fatale”…boy are we buzzed about it!

First thing I’d like to say about this track is that I personally love piano-led ballads. If I were to compare this to other instrumentals, it would be like ‘Earned It’ by The Weeknd - a song that airs that sexy and mysterious feel. Piano ballads also often leave room for all sorts of ear candy. One example of the elasticity and spiciness of “Femme Fatale” stems from the use of chromaticism in the chorus line. Cindy does this all with vocals, adding a sense of jazziness to the chorus and accenting the song’s message.

The message itself is about female empowerment and freedom from control. It tells people Cindy-Louise is unique and comfortable in her own skin. I’m sure lots of women find her inspiring and we hope she develops her vision better than she could’ve imagined.

In retrospect, people should watch out for Cindy-Louise because this name will definitely appear again in the future. While she’s busy working on new material, you’re welcome to check out Femme Fatale and past bangers too!

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