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Cheryl Craigie - “Migraine” : Feel the Pain!

Hailing from Woburn, Massachusetts, Cheryl Craigie offers a profoundly intimate portrayal of life with chronic migraines through her single Migraine.” This hip-hop soul/rap track, infused with atmospheric electro-pop elements, stands as a poignant narrative that resonates with millions who endure this relentless condition. Craigie, drawing from her own battle with migraines, has crafted a song that serves both as a cathartic outlet for sufferers and a beacon of awareness for those unfamiliar with the severity of this ailment.

Released at the very beginning of March, “Migraine” delves deep into the personal turmoil and everyday disruptions caused by migraines. Craigie vividly narrates the debilitating pain and emotional exhaustion that accompany these attacks, offering listeners a glimpse into the often-overlooked struggles faced by migraine sufferers. The song kicks off with a bang of explosion with pulsating synths and percussive rhythm, immediately setting the tone and feel for the onset of a migraine attack. Craigie’s vocals then join the haunting piano melody, calling out “Migraine” in a manner that mirrors the relentless, intense nature of the condition. At the 30-second mark, the track takes a dynamic turn as Craigie shifts into a rap delivery, capturing the urgency and intensity of a migraine attack with the lines: "Migraine feel the pain, it's like a jackhammer in your brain, feeling sick from head to toe, when you feel better you just don't know / so bad it makes you go insane, makes you feel you wanna die, feels like an icepick in your eye.." These lines powerfully capture the physical and emotional agony of migraines, providing a window into the daily struggles faced by those afflicted.

Cheryl Craigie

In the chorus, Craigie continues to deliver impactful lines that resonate with raw authenticity: “Draw the drapes, shut the lights, there’s no escape, and you’ve lost the fight. Minutes to hours and hours to days, but the migraine won’t go away...” Her words convey the sense of inescapable claustrophobia and the relentless passage of time during a migraine attack. The imagery is stark and haunting, painting a picture of the overwhelming nature of chronic pain. Later part of the song reveal more about the intensity and unpredictability of a migraine attack, depicting the constant sensation of an explosion in the brain. Cheryl Craigie’s vocal performance is nothing short of exceptional. Her tender, yet assertive delivery navigates the complex emotional landscape of the song with finesse. The transition from smooth rap verses to choir-like harmonies adds layers of depth to the narrative, showcasing her versatility and emotional range. The song not only serves as an artistic expression of her struggles but also as a call to action for greater awareness and empathy toward migraine sufferers. Craigie offers a deeply personal and empathetic narrative that resonates with listeners, raising awareness and fostering a deeper understanding of the debilitating nature of migraines. Listen below and experience the poignant journey Cheryl Craigie invites you to join.

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