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Charles Connolly - The blend of new and classic, with an original twist. A pro in pop!

Charles Connolly (CC) has definitely been a contributing factor in pushing music to its limits. Based in London, the experimental artist/producer has been developing mood-blending sonics in hopes to never feel a tinge of boredom when listening to his tracks. The non-conformist never disappoints!

To commemorate, the song “You Tap and Unwrap Me” uses an array of production techniques that wraps dancey 4/4 kicks with key changes, Arabic modes and gripping vocal effects.

The track “Europe in the Summertime” is also a very distinct example worthy of separate discussion. The song starts off with an accordion (one of lesser used instruments) playing in a waltz fashion, only to be completely catapulted into an energetic dance track with synth basses galore! One thing to discern when listening to Charles Connolly is his suave ability to switch between sections, allowing him to implement elements of pop, orchestral and electronic music.

We are proud to display his work on our humble site, as CC reeks confidence in providing unique expressions of sound. Feel the vibes below!

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