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Carpe Diem's “Dream Big, Little Girl” - A complete story that others wouldn’t dare to tread!

Carpe Diem is one of the more experimental bands that we’ve seen so far, blending mediums which might seemingly have nothing to do with one another.

The track “Dream Big, Little Girl” starts off with a little girl’s monologue chanting the track’s title. Cute and thoughtful. I love how the sampling is used as a musical device, i.e. the band’s guitarist is guided melodically by notes the little girl’s voice exhibits.

Even though I like the concept and experimental movement of this track, I still think the mix could be better. Perhaps it was the artist’s intention, but right now the singer’s voice is drowned out by the instrumental, and the “little girl” seemingly becomes the frontman. This may be intentional, but rest of the track must also be balanced.

Also, there are minor rhythm issues with the intermingling of percussion and guitar sections of the track. Some guitar trills could have been held out on savoured for later (0:12 specifically).

Other than that, I honestly think this track is an uncut gem. Cannot wait what Carpe Diem comes up with in the future

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