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Blue Bijou, Madeleen ~ “The Morning Rain" is such a mood-setter!

While Blue Bijou’s songs are meant to be totally diverse, The Morning Rain really had me doing a double take. It feels like it came straight from a neo-noir romantic thriller—and that is meant as a compliment. It sets the haunting mood just right with its deep basslines partnered with the dreamy synthesizers and the simple drum patterns. It is befitting for something like a night drive—ironic, seeing as the title is The Morning Rain.

Bijou himself defines his music as electro-romantic and I think it serves as a perfect description of the style he produces. His choices of haunting synths—especially for this track—laid in contrast to the simple piano riffs really accentuate featured artist Madeleen’s soft vocals. In fact, I think their partnership works well as even their previous track The Skyline was another wonderful collaboration between the two.

My favorite part of the song would have to be the arpeggio piano riff that appears in the background at subsequent times. It really creates an additional mood that helps separate sections of the song to help define it and create interest in the otherwise simple arrangement.

If you’re looking for a good mood-setter, not just for rainy days, but even relaxing night drive sessions or even lounging at home, The Morning Rain will set the right ambiance you require.

Listen to "The Morning Rain" on Spotify here:

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