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Blue Bijou - “In This Town” ~ I Know There’s A Heaven, Cause It’s This Song!

Sometimes knowing little to nothing about an artist can hurt an artist’s career, especially when they’re trying to get their name out there as much as possible. Other times, a sense of mystery can actually enhance the artist’s image. The running joke for years for the members of the band Pink Floyd was that even after “Dark Side of the Moon”, they could still cross the street without being noticed. Granted, I think four long-haired British musicians crossing the street together in certain parts of the southern US in the mid-70s WOULD cause a stir, but I digress. So what happens when a French songwriter and producer teams up with a vocalist with very little online presence?

Easy answer…you get the sublimely wonderful “In This Town”, by the aforementioned producer Blue Bijou and vocalist Madeleen. The first thing you’ll notice after the tinkly piano section is this hauntingly beautiful voice that I immediately want to hear more of, with an incredibly beautiful melody playing along. Make no mistake, this is a VERY well-written and produced song, with a near-perfect arrangement and mix. Lush pads, a really cool synth bassline, and a surprising sax sample are highlights, along with those incredibly rich vocals of course.

Blue Bijou stated this song “is my way of paying homage to Baudelaire and his description so fair of the spleen, that feeling of never being in the right place and constantly living with a powerful desire to be somewhere else,” and it definitely shows. The way Madeleen sings “I know there is a heaven” is a powerful refrain based on this arrangement, as it really shows off the desperate longing Blue Bijou is writing about. It’s all here, folks… just this brilliantly chill electronic landscape that will transport you to another place.

If you are a fan of laidback EDM (like the work of Tritonal when paired with frequent collaborator Cristina Soto), this is a must-listen. If you aren’t, I pity you, because you’re missing out on a hauntingly beautiful song. Check it out…you’ll be glad you did.

Listen to "In This Town" on Spotify here -

You can check out Blue Bijou’s instagram here:

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