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Blindness & Light – “The First Light Of Day” ~ Invigorating, Idiosyncratic Welsh Indie-Rock!

Welsh group Blindness & Light presents an oblique, acoustic guitar-driven piece of indie rock in “The First Light Of Day”.

“Look down, deep down into yourself tonight / this time don’t be put down no more, stand and fight,” vocalist Colin M. Potter sings, although it’s not clear if this is meant to be a message to the listener, a specific person he’s writing to, or perhaps even himself. By the end of the song, we understand that he’s referring to someone as his “first light of day” – was this a lover? A close friend or family member? A version of himself left behind? The lyrics are opaque enough that this is open to interpretation – perhaps a benefit to a song that has, sonically speaking, a fairly wide appeal to the indie-inclined listener.

The song is motivational, inspirational, and yet more than a little melancholy. “So you cauterize the past and start anew / and you leave behind all that you despise,” Potter adds to his earlier statements as drums enter behind his voice and persistent acoustic guitar. A few lines later, a final chorus repeats the title of the song before the band launches into a Pavement-esque outro-solo.

It's a solid piece of songwriting, and the production touches by producer Tony Denmade, namely synthesized effects at the beginning and a sample in the outro, make for a pleasing playthrough. The one thing, though, is that this song makes me hungry for more from Potter. I can tell this is a man with a lot to say, and I want to hear him say it all. I’m looking forward to future releases from Blindness & Light – I’m sure there’s more where this came from.

Listen to "The First Light Of Day" on Spotify here -

You can check out Blindness & Light's website here:

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