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Berga Fullybad – “Humans Cant Be Trusted” ~ Challenging Human Dishonesty and Corruption through Authentic & Soulful Reggae!

Jamaican dance hall artist Bergart Hamilton a.k.a Berga Fullybad's "Humans Cant Be Trusted" explores the theme of rise in deceit and corruption, acknowledging the flaws in human interactions while maintaining a hopeful outlook for positive change.

Through Berga Fullybad's soulful vocals and a positive melodic reggae groove, "Humans Cant Be Trusted" offers a blend of realism and optimism, fostering an emotional connection with listeners. The underlying message of hope encourages a nuanced perspective on the complexities of human interactions. The song invites empathy and reflection, prompting listeners to consider their own experiences with deception and their hopes for a better world. Despite the realist approach to the lyrics, the reggae groove and soulful vocals contribute to an overall uplifting musical experience.

Acknowledging the negative side of human interactions, the song carries an underlying theme of hope and faith in the possibility of positive change.

Listen to "Humans Cant Be Trusted" on Spotify here -

You can check out Berga Fullybad’s instagram profile here:

A brilliant addition to the repertoire -

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