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Benedicta Syran's “Let Me Be" ~ A fun expedition of emotions that ends on a highly empowering note!

One could easily mistake Benedicta Syran's “Let Me Be" as part of another artist’s discography. The charming and easy-to-follow pop hit possesses the same vibe and quality that the singers possess in their music. On my first listen, I could hear faint similarities to the song "Only Love Can Hurt Like This" by Paloma Faith—though that could be mostly due to a few elements. The song is a head-bobbing treat that it's literally hard to stop bopping once the intro part ends. While it does start a little slow with the chorale-inspired first few seconds, once the bass dives, it transforms into a fun romp that would fit right on every pop fan’s playlist.

Benedicta’s music background is very broad and lengthy—rightfully so, as she has been a lover of music for as far as she can remember. She’s someone who would be willing to make courageous steps to motivate her listeners and produce a highly unique sound. One would say this is prevalent in her latest single as well. While most people would choose to follow the formulaic nature of pop music, the bold mix of elements results in such a different yet familiar experience that feels at home but unique experience as well.

As I previously mentioned, the use of the chorale initially starts the song but its presence in other parts of the song helps connect the other elements together. The groove-heavy bassline keeps the melody moving but it doesn’t get confusing because the main melody of the vocals helps guide the direction of the track. I especially loved the part when she sings “Supposed to be a teen with no care and no setbacks.” The musical elements jive together to separate this portion from the rest of the parts giving it more highlight than the rest. It really feels like a track one would sing freely on an open field. That feeling of freedom coupled with the melodic choices really gives those lines a deeper effect.

Just as how it starts, it also ends similarly with the lingering chorus of voices. However, this time around, coming from the lively mood, it comes full circle and ends on a more positive note—now a realization of the celebration of life rather than the initial barrage of questions. This is not just a song but a trip of several moods and emotions that you’d surely not want to miss.

Let Me Be takes you on a ride from uncertainty and drops you off to a point wherein you feel highly empowered, confident, and free.

Listen to "Let Me Be" on Spotify here :

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