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Ben-J ~ “The Reason" - Prepare for a journey of multiple dimensions!

Right from initial listening, we are greeted by immaculate production - a radio-ready mix. The artists uses a blend of atmospheric pads to elevate the listener and a juxtaposition of rhythmic percussion for people to groove. It feels natural to specify the hills and valleys this piece gives listeners to experience - a true narrative!

On the other hand, It’s quite hard for me to gear my attention away from the singer’s accent, either making me wonder if this track is meant to be oriental-sounding or he’d need to focus more on word pronunciation. This might be something to consider if Ben-J would like to expand his horizons to the international stage.

A big HOWEVER however, the breakdown at ~0:52 really does launch you into some alternate dimension. ‘The Reason’ still feels like a great entry song for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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