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Bekim! - “Close Your Eyes” - A soulful and competent modernity originating from a thoughtful place!

Bekim!, a composer and grizzled veteran in the world of music, has brought us a composition/collaboration with a considerably soulful presence to show off. He’d mentioned that the vocalist performing the song is not actually him, but all the instrumentals are his work. With that in mind, I can definitely say that he works in a thought out process. You could hear how each section contrasts the other, and how much attention has been paid to arrangements in order to fit the vocalist.

Perhaps certain sound selections could have been better (such as the shaker), but nothing mixing couldn’t solve. Bekim! could have experimented more with effects because sometimes dry piano isn’t the best choice for a soul single.

Ultimately, the vibe is where it counts and we can say it’s mission accomplished for him in that department. If you’re looking for a dazzling evening full of steady lofty, soul music, then listen to ”Close Your Eyes”!

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