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Bad Bubble - “Tindering” ~ Music of many contrasts in a Pandora's Mix of diverse sounds!

"Tindering" by US -based synthpop artist Bad Bubble is a music of many contrasts. The percussion laying low, almost distant, starts off in a military beat style, then waits hesitantly at times before breaking back into the march again. And it's almost a sort of Pandora's Box of sounds in the effervescent, dynamically diverse mix; every musical part that makes up this creation is very noticeably different; not part of the same species it would seem, but able to join hands together just enough to form a resulting combination magnetic in it's ability to keep you guessing and interested in what the artist is trying to say. Once again Bad Bubble is passing on an experience, a message to his audience through his music, in his inventive, boundary pushing unique style. Beginning with the marching percussion and swirls of space and time infused with echoes of a far away Christmas, there's a whisper of an oriental flavour too, weaving a path through this track; maybe that's where the suggestion of a slightly subdued Christmas spirit emanate from. Above all is a clear and strong distinctive vocal, desperately wanting to convey, in it's heartfelt pleading expression, a sense of loss and hurt felt in the past. Not in the general festive tradition, but then not everything at Christmas time is a cause for celebration for everybody. Very much music of many contrasts. The warm, melodious, emotive keyboard riff is the nurturing, dependable force that holds all the diversity together; it's a constant, loyal and trusted golden thread all through this fascinating piece. Just as the artist himself never fails to fascinate with these unpredictable journeys of artistic endeavour.

You can check out Badbubble’s website here:

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