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Bad Bubble - “The Broken for Today” ~ A lonely lament of the soul on what's like to lose everything!

The great depths of unbearable loss in this desolate, heartfelt track, can be felt through the low-key, spiritual-like vocals of Bad Bubble. "The Broken for Today" isn't a lightweight journey, or an easy listen for those who don't wish to know what real emotional pain is all about. It's just over 3 mins of a descent into the darker labyrinths of the mind; partly destroyed by tragedy that can leave you alone and affected in the worst way.

You feel that the artist has lost faith in God's goodwill to him after what he loved most was taken from him. Now, nothing can replace what he's lost, so why even try in life?

The slow, sparse, despair-laden mix, is underpinned by the emotive strength emanating from the warm tones of the piano riff. And indeed, the artist himself has had to gather the fortitude and emotional strength, to record his innermost feelings through music, in what is a deeply revealing track. The contrasting sound of the keyboard, laying further back, gives the impression of a cry for help, desperately trying to be heard. And in this moving track, there is no denying that emotion and hurt can be heard. It's in every second of this lonely lament and passionate expression of grief, from an artist, who has tried to convey in music, what it's like to lose everything. And in this most genuine of mediums, with great effort and opening of his soul...he has.

Listen to "The Broken for Today" on Youtube here -

You can check out Bad Bubble’s website here:

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