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Bad Bubble - “Don’t” ~ Actually, Please Do!

Frequent readers of this blog know quite well that eclectic electronic music producer extraordinaire Bad Bubble has scored very highly with several of his recent releases, owing largely to his retrowave sonic explorations mixed with intriguing vocal arrangements. It’s safe to say that his latest release, the exquisite “Don’t”, continues this hot streak unabated.

A deeply melancholy vibe permeates throughout, with every sound layered in such a way as to enhance the mood without pummeling the listener with its intent. I’ve made comparisons in the past to the Roxy Music album Avalon; it’s an apt comparison less for the actual sound but more for the approach… “Don’t” is the perfect example of this method. There is genuine emotion here, yes, but what really elevates this track in near classic territory is the fact that in some ways this is less a song and more of a sound painting. Every nuance, every shade of color, laid out just so…this is an audiophile’s dream, especially on a decent set of headphones.

Whenever a song is this polished, there runs a risk of everything sounding a bit sterile. That certainly is not the case here. This isn’t sonic window dressing; “Don’t” demands close attention just for the sheer fact it seems to shun it. Subtly elegant, or elegantly subtle? It’s a question that might not have a satisfactory resolution, but make no bones… regardless of which end of the artistic fence you might fall on, there’s no denying how effective this nuanced slice of heaven is. Take a close listen, and then start it over and do it all over again…you’ll be glad you did!

Listen to "Don’t" on Spotify here -

You can check out Bad Bubble’s website here:

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