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Bad Bubble - “Anxiety Number 5” ~ A mesmerizing track with a distinctive flavor to it's whole fiber!

Bad Bubble's "Anxiety Number 5" starts with a fast-paced compact little electronic rhythms intro, that has an air of playful anticipation about it. But this inventive offering doesn't fall into the category of electro track. There is an engaging depth of patterns and layers in the well-balanced, complementary elements mix. You have the excited electronic rhythm settled firmly in the background, partnered with a warm, relaxed, comforting, emotive and melodic keyboard riff, that provides a solid, hopeful vibes support all through. The very clear, distinctive vocal transcends all, as it gathers the fascinating creative instrumental mix beneath it; and they together blend beautifully, to produce an original stimulating piece of musical art to please the ears.

The contrast of speedier tempo rhythms, combined with patient, time to spare vocal and riff expressions, I feel creates an immediate demand for the work to be listened to more closely. These are never shallow compositions, with permission to simply float over your head and pass on by, as if they never had anything interesting to say in the first place. And certainly, as the artist has done here, interesting is when the piece has a strong distinctive flavor to it's whole fiber; while still exhibiting melodic structures, a captivating vocal and great balance in the mix.

Anxiety Number 5 is something of a mesmerizing track, no doubt; hypnotizing in it's ability to engage and enchant the listener with an alluring four and a half minutes of controlled expression in musical art. This is what successfully pushing the boundaries in music making is all about; you don't want to go too far and spoil want to go just far enough. Anxiety Number 5 does just that, with the help of a little sprinkling of gold dust flair and originality.

Listen to "Anxiety Number 5" on Spotify here -

You can check out Bad Bubble’s website here:

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