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Ari Tahan – “Pull Me Down" ~ A dynamic evolving sound in a 3-minute song!

Hearing "Pull Me Down" by Ari Tahan for the first time was really surprising. On first listen, hints of Dua Lipa’s early days could faintly be heard in the music, but Ari’s voice may be fuller sounding creating a different dynamic than the famous pop star. The fuller voice tends to give her tracks heavier in sound, but also, stronger in nature—creating a sound that hooks the listener into paying attention.

The song is a modern pop track that relies on the arrangement of the drums to set the mood. The drum tracks help control the pace and set the tone for the direction of the song by creating drama and dynamics. With a strong start, the music becomes danceable, but towards the chorus, the break, and the muffled sound create a dramatic feel that creates interesting melodic playfulness.

Speaking of dramatic feels, halfway through the track, a huge change is heard as the song traverses a more rock tone. The introduction of the distorted guitars adds a distinct style shift that creates more interest and attracts listeners to keep focused and attentive to the song.

Like a progressive song that keeps evolving, it then shifts again at around 2:30 of the song to add some country-ish influences. It’s the song that keeps you guessing. It does help keep the track original by creating these spaces wherein the different parts shine on their own—a mish-mash of sounds that ends up telling a great story with the way it was produced.

"Pull Me Down" is a positively written song that utilizes and experiments with what it wants to be and succeeds.

Listen to "Pull Me Down" on Spotify here:

You can check out and follow Ari Tahan’s Instagram here:

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