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Angelina Luzi - “Let It Go" ~ Rings and chimes your earworm muscles!

Angelina Luzi becomes a torch holder of self-transcendence in her new single “Let It Go". A monologue of forgetting dreadful pasts and staying present, this piece speaks wonders to the ones who need extra shots of motivation. The artist made it so that, throughout the track, unobtrusive ethnic percussions take their spotlight with ample attention. Boasting a thematic folktronic agenda, Angelina’s sparse arrangement here manages to marry vibrant melodies and vocals to the forefront of the mix. The lyrical content is also worth examining. It explores self-esteem and how its energy trickles down into almost all facets of life.

Angelina Luzi is slept on, just like many underrated artists. Her peak is still to come I’m sure of it because "Let It Go" proves she’s one step closer. Give it an honest listen!

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