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Alta Falls – “I’m at a Loss” ~ Brings back the past while living in the present!

The Hook

Alta Falls’ “I’m At A Loss” has been running through my mind for the last few days. I find myself humming to its melody when I am at home or waiting for my appointments. Its catchy, mellow, harmonious pre-chorus and bridge blended with its powerful, emotional chorus creates a contrast found within its message.

Uncertainty and Hope

We certainly live in a volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous world. This is especially true during the Covid-Pandemic which is referenced in "I'm At A Loss" with, “this mask’s wearing thin.” Thus, within the chorus, there is a sense of being, “at a loss to find all these feelings that are trapped inside,” but realizing one must live in the moment and, “keep on breathing,” as heard in the pre-chorus and bridge.

The duo, known as Nat and Matt, make up this retro-modern electropop band. They also team up with producer Aidan Hogg and drummer Sebastian Jennings Hingston to produce a song we can relate at any time of our lives. Alta Falls has delved into bringing forth issues brought to light by the Pandemic as heard through this powerful piece.

Back to the 80's

“I’m At A Loss” certainly brought me back to my childhood and teenage years of hearing classic British Pop bands of the 80’s. These bands include: Eurythmics, Pet Shop Boys, Tears For Fears, and Thompson Twins, to name a few. This track evokes nuances from that time. I feel a bit of Gowan’s “A Criminal Mind”, which was an 80s hit, etched into this track as it deals with a perspective from one’s mind. The use of synths and percussions echoes the essence of this wonderful era of music. The vocals and harmony blend effortlessly with it. If you grew up listening to 80’s Pop, “I’m At A Loss” will surely bring back those memories.

You can listen to “I’m At A Loss” on Spotify

You can check out Alta Falls’ Instagram here:

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