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Allegra - “He Ain’t You” ~ Prepare yourself to reminisce about a distant crush!

We’re turning our heads to Britain to explore the magic an artist named Allegra has to offer. In short, Allegra has amassed a steady stream of listeners with her debonaire of honesty. “He Ain’t You” is truly an all-encompassing electronic, danceable track. I love the idea of this single: calling out your inevitable comparisons of somebody you just met to a long-standing crush - surely relatable to many.

The arrangement of this track is quite seamless, quickly jumping to the chorus. Likewise, sound quality is adjusted for modern listening systems and production reminiscent of ‘The Chainsmokers’. This modernity also stems from incorporation of sounds that may not be heard in electronic music as often as they could (ex. trap hi-hats).

It is without a doubt that we’re gonna be hearing more from Allegra in the future. Seems like she’s got a hold of what she wants the world to hear, while us here at UFA are patiently listening. Check out below!

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