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Allegra – “Amazing” ~ An earworm that takes familiar elements to create a really amazing experience!

"Amazing" fits the pop music bill. Allegra has taken the best elements of current top hits and made a song that (pun intended) is seriously amazing. And while a multitude of remixes exists, the original version really takes the cake. If you didn’t bother checking and only heard this on the street, it’s something that could easily be confused for a Miley Cyrus or a Dua Lipa track.

In fact, it takes that effective formula of creating a fun bassline, simple drums, and fast lyrics delivery to create a danceable track that is up to par with a lot of successful billboard songs.

The lyrics are simple and talk about having an amazing time and doing things that make the singer amazing. The bass track takes center stage as it builds a foundation that creates an easy-to-follow composition. The octave bass jump creates an active space that makes the song more fun—easily relating the words to the sounds.

The bridge break also helps to tone down the song without pulling the mood down. The music doesn’t get tiring because the variations present really help create a fresh but familiar atmosphere present in the song.

"Amazing" is a perfect mix of elements that comes together to give a simple, fun, yet unique experience.

Listen to "Amazing" on Spotify here -

You can check out Allegra’s website here:

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