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Ali Rice - “Night Call” ~ A brilliant slice of indie rock heaven!

Bristol-based bedroom pop artist Ali Rice released his latest single Night Call in November. If you don’t know his name, don’t worry…if he releases more music like this, expect him to become a household name. If he doesn’t, then the music industry needs a colonic, because this song is amazing.

Rice has been playing music since his youth (even receiving BBC coverage at the tender age of 13), and it definitely shows. The talented multi-instrumentalist has crafted a frankly brilliant slice of indie rock heaven here, from the tasty guitar licks (think U2) and vocals reminiscent of Kings of Leon’s Caleb Followill, to a hook that is incredibly catchy.

The production here is top-notch and expertly mixed. The drums sound crisp and clear, the guitars are perfectly panned, and the brief synth flourishes before and after the incendiary guitar solo towards the end are a great touch. Some serious care was put into the crafting of this recording and it definitely shows.

It’s not often that an independent artist releases a song that could slide right into alt-rock radio and fit right in (both on a compositional level and production-wise), but Ali Rice has done it. Don’t take it from me though; head to the streaming service of your choice and listen to it…it’s worth it. Two thumbs up…I’d give it more but only have two hands.

Listen to Night Call on Spotify here:

You can check out Ali Rice’s website here:

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