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Alexander Joseph's “Firefly” - A feel-good summery bop with ‘four-on-the-floor’ presence!

We love artists with a wide range of interests, and that’s why Alexander Joseph became visible on our radar. Alexander combines his passion for music and sport to bring confidence to those that think they can’t do both. He has been featured in numerous BBC airings due to relentless dedication to his craft. His newest song being reviewed today is called “Firefly - Alternate Version”.

From the get go, we are immersed into a trance of acoustic + electric guitar melody voicings, quite reminiscent of ‘Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me’ record if I do say so myself. A chill track indeed, the mish mash of synthesized and unplugged sounds does give it that classic pop feel. In terms of vocals, the underwater effect fits thoughtfully well. I know this is one of those summery cruiser tracks meant for easy-listening but perhaps a couple more vocal harmonies would’ve kept up listener engagement until the very last second.

Overall, the song’s topic is the crucial aspect of why this song pulls listeners in. ‘Firefly’ is described as the guiding light - when things go dark, it provides certain safety. We hope Alexander Joseph experiences bigger and better success with these humble goals of his!

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