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Abby London - “Hysteria” ~ Not many artists these days can make kazoos cool!

Abby London is a multi-faceted dynamic individual. Her blends of political contrarianism and spooky/curious musical vibes puts on a strict game-face for issues worth speaking up on.

“Hysteria”, is a song’s title that will always gun most for intrigue. The vocals, or commentaries more like, entrench themselves between wide keys, electronic percussions and tactful effect embellishments. As for lyrical content, it leans more into poetical stream of consciousness, “awareness” slam or just good ol’ fashioned punky punchlines. Are we actually caught up in Hysteria? Are we repeating the news? Those are actually valid questions and Abby holds the helm of opening this discourse. It’s always worth reinterpreting what you believe and I think this is Abby’s everlasting theme. Also, the kazoo towards the bridge section adds to the leaning curiosity of this track, as well as maybe examining a more lighthearted side of the conversation.

Overall, I think a lot of Abby’s world comes premeditated. You can hear her work coming through with stories and sections weaving the narrative. I hope you’ll have fun listening to Hysteria as much as we did.

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