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A.b. Violet - Her sound designing abilities are so tasteful!

Another entry by an artist with a genre we haven’t had before, A.b. Violet’s dreamy electronic track called ‘So Lonely’ hits the right mesh of chill and dance-y.

The underwater guitar tones she manipulates throughout goes hand in hand with IDM-y style modulations. I think A.b. Violet used a few different vocal samples in this track, but they all complement the message. The “So lonely” and “I put myself first” lyrics both describe the issue and the reason behind it. On a more technical side, her sound design abilities are very tasteful - low-passing when needed only to unravel during the breakdown.

My personal favorite is how liquid the arrangement is. After 2 thirds of the song, you wouldn’t know that hi-hats would fit the groove so well. Overall, A.b. Violet is a real gem for the electronic music community.

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