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ALNA- Sings & writes with angelic softness, for truth & unity, to inspire & give hope to every soul!

For today’s entry, we are glad to have ALNA, a Lithuanian-born artist living in London in our fresh artist rotation. In retrospect, it seems like ALNA has come a long way - evolving yet staying true to her signature sound over the years. Although she has largely shifted from electronic, low-end heavy tracks like “FOLLOW ME” and “Police”, one aspect that remained is her celestial voice.

So far, she has blessed audiences' ears with 17 officially released songs, with 3 of them being in her native tongue. Her free spirit transpires into her songwriting, boasting transparency and dedication to authentic life. Her latest single, “Tikėk Savim (Believe In Yourself)”, sparses out acoustic instrumentals to make room for the song’s impactful message - hope for one’s belief in themselves. The melody is catchy but somber, juxtaposing around the song’s hopeful message. ALNA's voice is soothing in and of itself, and that is why I think she should capitalize on a fuller soundscape by voicing more harmonies.

Below you can take a peek into what ALNA has prepared for us to listen so far: a whole 1-hour long playlist at that!

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