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PHOENIX AND I - Soft rock with bluesy blends gives audiences a truly unique experience!

It was always our purpose to continually help artists reach new heights in any way we can, and now we’re getting closer to this goal because a familiar face is back - the lovely ALNA. She is coming back in band form alongside Glenn Robert Johnson with a new track! Let us see what they developed for us this time.

Well, first off, the song in question - “What Is Life” - is a full 6 minute ballad. Hoowie! The track explores longing, a sense of pointlessness when one can’t fully understand “their person’s” perspective. A nostalgic track indeed, but not entirely negative because ALNA believes they can “make it through” halfway through the song.

Being a music nerd, I especially like the strategic introduction of G# note. The harmony it produces further enhances its overall ominous mood. Complete with a virtuosic guitar solo from Glenn, this soft rock ballad with bluesy blends gives audiences a truly unique experience. The single is linked below for your comfort….and if you haven’t checked out other releases by ‘PHOENIX AND I’ then…what is life anyway.

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